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VISIONS OF ATLANTIS Pirates II - Armada (Digisleeve Edition) - Novinka

Hard`n Heavy
Symphonic Metal
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20 dní
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A new adventure begins. Join the Pirate ARMADA! Ship’s log: July 5, 2024; High Seas A new day of sailing begins, the wind on our side, and the sea speaks of recent battles. The air feels fresh - hypocrisy, greed, envy - hearts of the old world finally disclose their deluded truth. Old leaders are losing ground, their lies are getting worse, and darkness creeps in. Each sunny day hides a coming storm, nature testing our strength for the last battle. We've become pirates as their counterparts, free-spirited and true at heart. Navigating storms that try to make us doubt, we see the light in the darkness. The old truth is fading, making room for a new story. Our destiny is in our hands, in our hearts, in every step we take. Reconnecting with ourselves, we touch the essence of life we share with all creatures. Together, unstoppable, connected to the truth, guided by the sun and storms. We'll rule the oceans, the mainland, every street, every house, spreading hope. Our pirate cries will last for centuries, with ancestors humming our tunes, our words sung in the new world we create. Our glory will live on forever. United as one force, one army, under a final ARMADA." The pirate armada of VISIONS OF ATLANTIS is ready to start a new battle on July 5, 2024 via Napalm Records. With their new opus, PIRATES II – ARMADA, a new symphonic, cinematic, dramatic, and heavier-than-ever adventure is about to begin. Emotions, depth, richness of sound. Not only a record, but a true hurricane of feelings is what VISIONS OF ATLANTIS delivers with the second chapter of the Pirates-saga, finally proving that the band has matured and are ready to claim the crown of symphonic metal. The magnificent chants of pirate queen Clèmentine Delauney and brave captain Michele Guaitoli tell tales of strength, resistance, and resilience. Their previous album Pirates - the band’s all-time highest charting album in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, USA, and Canada, and which yielded various other charting positions in Europe - set the bar as high as the waves cresting the Jolly Roger. After sailing across the European seas on numerous successful tours over the past two years, they crossed the ocean and reached the shores of North & South America, both as headliners and allied with Delain. But not only that - major European festivals were conquered too, with their live performance at Wacken even being immortalized with the spin-off release, Pirates Over Wacken. Furthermore, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS conquered the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise, the Sabaton cruise, ProgPower USA, Bloodstock Festival UK and several other festivals throughout the two years of the first chapter of Pirates. But now the time has arrived for their next adventure: PIRATES II – ARMADA takes everything that was achieved with the first chapter and exponentially pushes it further. The first single and title track “Armada” immediately shows how driving, rich, and banging the hymn of a pirate army can be, displaying VISIONS OF ATLANTIS pushing their metal attitude farther than ever before. On a journey in which listeners face their own battles and cannot resist joining the “Armada”, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS will have listeners facing the “Monsters” inside them, with catchy melodies destined to endlessly stick in their mind. The uplifting “Tonight I’m Alive” surprises and captivates with the rhythms of a pirate party on the eve of combat, with the electrifying rumble of a hurricane - a unique, uncharted showcase of talent from VISIONS OF ATLANTIS. The burning flames of “Hellfire” enchant the listener before the sweetness of delicate melodies accompany them “Underwater”. The cinematic adventure of 7-minute-plus masterpiece “The Dead of the Sea” conjures the salty scent of the sea, making the listener feel - in every melodic twist and theatrical orchestral hit - the cannons firing and the battle raging. Listeners will shed a tear while mourning under the melody of “Ashes to the Sea”. PIRATES II – ARMADA features stunning cover artwork by Blake Armstrong, who is also responsible for bringing the fantastic photos of Robert Eikelpoth into VoA’s universe. Produced by Felix Heldt, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen, and orchestrated by Lukas Knoebl and Simon Edward, PIRATES II – ARMADA will reach stages this summer, continuing on to deliver a truly cinematic live event this fall in Europe. VISIONS OF ATLANTIS is back, and your only choice is to join their Armada!

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01 To Those Who Choose to Fight
02 The Land of the Free
03 Monsters
04 Tonight I’m Alive
05 Armada
06 The Dead of the Sea
07 Ashes to the Sea
08 Hellfire
09 Collide
10 Magic of the Night
11 Underwater
12 Where the Sky and Ocean Blend


Clémentine Delauney (lv)
Michele Guaitoli (lv)
Christian Douscha (g)
Herbert Glos (b)
Thomas Caser (d)

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