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VICTORY Circle of Life - Novinka

Hard`n Heavy
Hard Rock
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20 dní
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Naturally, the excellent reputation of a successful hard rock act such as Victory is based – among other things – on the superb achievements of their long-standing career. The early days of the Hanover-based group date back to the 1980s and include immortal album classics and successful tours around the globe. However, none of this would account for much or would indeed be classed as anything but nostalgia if their present accomplishments weren’t on a par with the band’s impressive past. Their latest studio album ‘Circle Of Life’ sees the five-piece surrounding founder/guitarist Herman Frank not only effortlessly build on earlier feats, but also sounds stronger than ever. Herman Frank describes the release with its first-rate production as “even more grown-up and mature than its predecessor, we’ve taken the new songs to a whole new level in every respect.” Frank knows what this optimised performance is due to: “The group operates as a tight unit, based on the experience of the many live shows we’ve played together. ‘Circle Of Life’ brings together what has grown together and
belongs together.” The new album will be available from AFM Records starting 13 September 2024. The first lead single ‘Count On Me’, including making-of video, will be out in mid-May.

Talking of ‘Tonight We Rock’: In addition to nine other awesome compositions that bandleader Frank wrote for ‘Circle Of Life’, it’s the perfect opener of future live performances: “The title immediately sets the direction of our shows: Victory are all about getting down to business! Our concerts are no walk in the park!” This statement applies to all ten tracks that Herman Frank recorded together with vocalist Gianni Pontillo, rhythm guitarist Mike Pesin, bassist Malte Frederik Burkert and drummer Michael Stein at Hanover’s famous Horus Sound Studios, featuring a mix courtesy of sound engineer Arne Neurand. The new material includes what Frank refers to as the “party track ‘Count On Me’, perfect for driving in your convertible or cruising with your side window down“, as well as three numbers that he deliberately recorded with a low-tuned guitar, commenting tongue-in-cheek: “At long last our classic ‘Temples Of Gold’ is supported by a few ‘kindred spirits’ live on stage.”

The album title and matching cover artwork, into which graphic designer Oleg (Voodoo) Shcherbakov has incorporated a philosophical “maths problem” by German artist Rune Mields, also deserve an explanation: They’re about the cycle of life mentioned in the moniker and what people leave behind at the end of their earthly existence. As far as Herman Frank is concerned, it’s pretty obvious that ‘Circle Of Life’ will be Victory’s powerful statement for posterity which their fans will continue to enjoy. He says: “For us, this recording is also the perfect ticket for even more and even more passionate Victory concerts.” Rest assured that there will be plenty of those in autumn 2024 and spring 2025.

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1. Tonight We Rock
2. American Girl
3. Count On Me
4. Surrender My Heart
5. Unbelievable World
6. Moonlit Sky
7. Falling
8. Money
9. Reason To Love
10. Virtual Sin

– Gianni Pontillo (Gesang)
– Herman Frank (Gitarre)
– Mike Pesin (Gitarre)
– Malte Frederik Burkert (Bass)
– Michael Stein (Schlagzeug)

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