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Cherry Red


STARR JACK -BURNING STAR Metal Generation 1985-2017 (Clamshell Box)

Hard`n Heavy
Heavy Metal
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Detailný popis:

• Nine albums from legendary founder of the 80s US metal scene Jack Starr.

• A lavish 7CD set including out-takes, rarities and long forgotten demos, all provided by Jack Starr himself.

• With extensive liner notes from Jack and Burning Starr bassist Ned Meloni.

• As a founding member of legendary New Yorkers Virgin Steele, Jack Starr instantly became known as a force to be reckoned with.

After leaving the band in the early to mid 80s, Jack wasted no time establishing himself in his own right, with the cult classic solo album ‘Out Of The Darkness’, and then onto forming his own fully fledged band Jack Starr’s Burning Starr releasing albums such as ‘Rock The American Way’, ‘No Turning Back’ and ‘Blaze Of Glory’ standing proud as enduring and hugely important releases for the genre.


Rock The American Way (1985)
1 Rock N Roll Is The American Way
2 In Your Arms Again
3 Women
4 Heat Of The Night
5 Born To Rock
6 She’s On Fire
7 Live Fast, Rock Hard
8 Fight The Thunder
No Turning Back (1986)
9 No Turning Back
10 Light In The Dark
11 Fire And Rain
12 Call Of The Wild
13 Road Warrior
14 Prelude In C Minor
15 Evil Never Sleeps
16 Path Of Destruction
17 M.I.
18 Avenging Angel
19 Run For Your Life
20 Coda
21 Burning Starr (1997 Remix) (Bonus Track)
22 Metal Generation (1997 Remix) (Bonus Track)

Blaze Of Glory (1987)
1 Stand Up And Fight
2 Overdrive
3 Blaze Of Glory
4 F.F.Z. (Free Fire Zone)
5 Go Down Fighting
6 Burning Starr
7 Mad At The World
8 Mercy Killer
9 Metal Generation
10 Excursion
Burning Starr (1989)
11 Send Me An Angel
12 Bad Time
13 Fool For Love
14 Hold Back The Night
15 Love Can’t Wait
16 Out Of The Blue
17 New York Woman
18 Tear Down The Walls
19 Break The Ice
20 Remember Tomorrow
21 Good Girls Gone Bad

Under A Savage Sky (2003)
1 The Flame That Never Dies
2 Conspiratos Sanctos
3 Cry For Freedom
4 Anthem For The Nations
5 Sharon Of The Woods
6 Under A Savage Sky
7 I Stand Alone
8 Personal Demons Dethroned
9 Masters Of Fate
10 Return From The Ashes Strider Project (1991)
11 Down On Love
12 Cherry Red
13 It’s Not Over
14 Get Together
15 Livin’ In The Cities

Land Of The Dead (2011)
1 Land Of The Dead
2 Sands Of Time
3 Twilight Of The Gods
4 Stranger In Paradise
5 Here We Are
6 Warning Fire
7 Daughter Of Darkness
8 When Blood And Steel Collide
9 On The Wings Of The Night
10 Never Again
11 Until The End
Strider Project (1991) Continued
12 Dancing On The Edge
13 Prove Your Love
14 Mr. President
15 Under The Influence

Stand Your Ground (2017)
1 The Secrets We Hide
2 The Enemy
3 Stand Your Ground
4 Hero
5 Destiny
6 The Sky Is Falling
7 Worlds Apart
8 Escape From The Night
9 We Are One
10 Stronger Than Steel (Feat Rhett Forrester)
11 False Gods
12 To The Ends

Live In Germany (2013)
1 Go Down Fighting
2 The Flame That Never Dies
3 Blaze Of Glory/Jack Starr Guitar Solo
4 Land Of The Dead
5 Day Of The Reaper
6 No Turning Back
7 Sands Of Time
8 Conspiratos Sanctos
9 Burning Starr
10 Evil Never Sleeps
11 Spirit Of ’86 (Bonus Studio Track)
12 From The Ashes We Rise (Bonus Studio Track)
13 Children Of The Storm (Bonus Studio Track)
14 Under The Influence (Bonus Studio Track) (1989)
15 Forever (Bonus Studio Track (1989)

From The Vault
1 Concrete Warrior (Remastered) (From “Out Of The Darkness”)
2 Chains Of Love (Remastered) (From “Out Of The Darkness”
3 Eyes Of Fire (Remastered) (From “Out Of The Darkness”)
4 Winds Of War (Alternate Chorus Version)
5 In The Heat Of The Night (1985 Rehearsal Tape)
6 Live Fast, Rock Hard (1985 Rehearsal Tape)
7 Solo/Born To Rock (1985 Rehearsal Tape)
8 Wild In The Streets (1985 Rehearsal Tape)
9 Der Klang Der Liebe (The Sound Of Love) (Instrumental)
10 Return From The Ashes/ Personal Demons (Instrumental)
11 Day Of The Reaper (Live At 80’s In The Park 28th August 2015, Rhino on Vocals)
12 False Messiah (Live At 80s In The Park)
13 Fight The Thunder (Live At 80’s In The Park)
14 Fire And Rain (Live At 80s In The Park)
15 The Sinner (Live At 80s In The Park)
16 Conspiratos Sanctos (Live At 80s In The Park)
17 Defiance (2006 Rehearsal Tape)
18 Here We Are (2006 Rehearsal Tape)

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