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PENDRAGON First 40 Years (Limited Book Edition)

Hard`n Heavy
Progressive Rock
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Pendragon – The First 40 Years
– A special Collectors Edition Commemorative 40 year anniversary book/cd pack.

The wait is over! Now, just 41 years in the making, “The First 40 Years” book is ready to pre-order. (We hope to start shipping from 30th September)

It’s taken two years to collate, re-record, mix, find the pics, get new artwork (and a hundred other things) and the time has come to open pre-orders for this very special book/CD set.

So here is what you get –

Approximately 11inch square (just slightly smaller than a vinyl sleeve) this 32 page hard back book is truly a celebration of Pendragon from 1978 to the current day. Cover artwork from Simon Williams (The World/Window of Life/Masquerade Overture etc) incorporating images throughout the history of the band in his very own recognisable style, inside there is 32 glossy pages of photo memories throughout the years and a few words from Nick, Peter, Clive and Vinnie and of course 5 CDs.

The discs are –
Live at London –

3 discs from last November’s sold out 40th Anniversary show at 229 The Venue. The London show featured a return to the Pendragon drum stool for Nigel Harris to perform some of the early songs plus some saxophone from original and co-founding member Julian Baker
When mixing the live discs Karl Groom (Thin Ice Studio) said that this is one of the best recorded live gig atmospheres he’s ever heard, and we think you’ll agree that’s it’s really very special indeed.

CD 1

If I Were The Wind
The Voyager
Two Roads
Green Eyed Angel
Fly High Fall Far

CD 2

Dark Summers Day
I Walk The Rope
Queen Of Hearts: i Queen Of Hearts
Queen Of Hearts: ii A Man Could Die Out Here
Queen Of Hearts : iii the Last Waltz
Its Only Me
The Freakshow
Fallen Dreams And Angels

CD 3

Sister Bluebird
Masters Of Illusion
Faces Of Light
The Last Man On Earth
Am I Really Losing You?

Plus –

2 completely re-mixed (not just re-mastered!) versions of The World & Men Who Climb Mountains, which more or less “bookends” the career of the band.
Both re-mixes will feature re-recorded drums from current drummer Jan-Vincent Velazco as well as updated and additional keyboards on The World recording.

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