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NORMAN CHRIS Junction 55 - Novinka

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Chris Norman first found fame fronting huge 70’s band Smokie. In 1986, Chris left the band and went on to carve a hugely successful solo career. His first single ‘Midnight Lady’ became a massive hit throughout Europe including holding the German No.1 slot for 6 weeks! In his career to date he has had 21 hit singles and released around 22 albums, selling over 20 million records worldwide He grew up in a show business family going back two generations. His Grandparents toured their own concert party around England during the First World War and their daughter Pat (Chris’s mother) joined a dance troupe when she left school. Pip Norman, (Chris’s Dad) was part of a dancing/comedy act called ‘The Four Jokers’ and worked all over Europe in the 1930s/40s and had a British Royal Variety Performance to their credit. He got his first guitar at the age of seven and his early musical influences were Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Buddy Holly and Lonnie Donegan. Later the 60’s artists, in particular The Beatles, and the folk singer Bob Dylan, were a huge influence on Chris. He formed a band at school with Alan Silson and later was joined by Terry Uttley and Pete Spencer. Chris’s solo career took off in 1986 with the song, ‘Midnight Lady’, which was a massive hit throughout Europe holding the number one spot in Germany for six weeks. Other single and albums hits followed. In 1994 Chris was awarded ‘International video Star of the Year’ by CMT Europe for the videos ‘Jealous Heart’, ‘The Growing Years’ and ‘Red Hot Screaming Love’. That same year Chris formed his own new band and went on tour for the first time in six years. Since then Chris and his band have continued to tour extensively all over the world, and produce many solo albums. In 2020 Chris released a brand new album called “Just a Man" which he has written and recorded with his old mentor and friend Mike Chapman as producer. Mike has written and produced scores of worldwide hits with the likes of, ‘Blondie’, ‘Tina Turner’, ‘The Knack’, ‘Sweet’, Suzie Quatro, ‘Smokie’, and many others. Now he has a new album due for release titled ‘Junction 55’ with 12 new songs written by Chris or in collaboration with others. Three songs are written with his old friend and band member Pete Spencer, two with Geoff Carline his current band member, one with Mike Chapman and the rest on his own. The tracks are hallmarks of a true singer-songwriter with timeless melodies and memorable harmonies that soar. Recorded and produced in Chris’s own studio. Chris says, “the title reflects the fact that I am at a new junction in my career and it has been 55 years since I turned pro.”

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Track Listings

1 Devil in Your Heart
2 Tears Will Fall
3 Tell Her She Can
4 Crazy
5 In a Heartbeat
6 I'm Over You
7 Now I'm Sure
8 You Are My Hero
9 Sing Me a Song
10 Picture of You
11 16 Miles from Home
12 Battle of the Sexes

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