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NITRATE Feel The Heat - Novinka

Melodic Rock
Dodacia lehota
20 dní
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Inspired by the late 80's Melodic and Hard Rock scene with bands such as Def Leppard, Europe, Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi and GNR, Nitrate is the brainchild of Nick Hogg, a Nottingham based musician who, after playing in a few bands in the early 2000's, decided to get into song writing. He was absent from the scene for several years until, in 2015 he decided to give it another shot.
Nick worked on Nitrate’s debut album with the other songwriter / musician from Nottingham Rob Wylde with whom he shared the same musical influences. The two of them managed to put together the band’s debut album ”Real World” which also featured former Zinatra vocalist, Joss Mennen. Hailed by many fans and critics as a breath of fresh air for the melodic rock/AOR community, it sported a battery of arena-ready songs that took a listener back to a time when Def Leppard ruled the airwaves. The band’s momentum continued with 2019’s “Open Wide”, which featured the new guitarist and singer Philip Lindstrand and brought a harder-hitting, cutting edge to Nitrate. With a tighter songwriting, it rocked harder, and there were vast improvements in the production production department. “Open Wide” was a homage to Hogg’s influences: an amalgam of the best that MTV could offer in the late 80’s.
Oddly, the quick evolution happened between the release of “Real World” and “Open Wide” was not touched by the line up changes that happened between the two records. Nick Hogg is the Nitrate mastermind and he assembled again a fine cast for the follow up album entitled “Renegade”. This time Alexander Strandell (Art Nation, Crowne) handled the vocal duties, with Dario Nikzad on lead guitars, brothers Tom and James Martin (ex-Vega) appeared on rhythm guitars and keyboards respectively with Mikey Wilson on drums.
The new record “Feel The Heat” continues where “Renegade” left off, mixing all Hogg’s influences from AOR and Arena Rock from the 80’s such as BON JOVI, JOURNEY, BAD ENGLISH and DEF LEPPARD (“Pyromania”/“Histeria” era). Hogg teams up again with Tom and James Martin, who co-write almost the entire album together with Nick Hogg and Robert Hodson. Strandell is once again handling the vocals showing why he is one of the most in demand singers of the entire international scene.
A true belter of an album that sits firm among the elite of the genre!

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1. Feel The Heat
2. All The Right Moves
3. Wild In The City
4. Needs A Little Love
5. One Kiss (To Save My Heart) (Feat. Issa)
6. Live Fast, Die Young
7. Haven't Got Time For Heartache
8. Satellite
9. Strike Like A Hurricane
10. Big Time
11. Stay

Nick Hogg - Bass Guitar
Alexander Strandell - Lead Vocals
Tom Martin - Guitars
James Martin - Keyboards
Alex Cooper - Drums
Richard Jacques - Guitars

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