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KINGS X In the New Age - the Atlantic Recordings 1988-1995 (Clamshell Box) - Novinka

Hard`n Heavy
Progressive Metal
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• Six albums from Missouri trio King’s X from their Megaforce and Atlantic Records releases from 1988 onwards.

• With bonus tracks and individual CD sleeves.

• For fans of: Rush, Smashing Pumpkins, Dream Theater.

Originally forming in the early 1980s as Sneak Preview, Doug Pinnick on bass guitar and vocals, Ty Tabor on guitar and Jerry Gaskill on drums became King’s X in 1985, relocating to Texas from their native Missouri. Major tours across their career with the likes of Iron Maiden and AC/DC, plus an appearance at Woodstock 94, would bring their sound to a worldwide stage, influencing important fans such as Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Pantera.

Their CS Lewis-inspired debut ‘Out Of The Silent Planet’ (CD1) from 1988 introduced a hard rock sound fused with elements of psychedelia, funk, soul and gospel, becoming an important influence on the development of progressive metal, alternative rock and even grunge. Critical acclaim followed; especially in the UK through the support of magazine’s such as Kerrang!.

Although not strictly speaking a Christian Rock band, their records featured on Billboard’s Christian music chart, and their 1989 conceptual second record ‘Gretchen Goes To Nebraska’ (CD2) features themes of faith and spirituality.

The prolific band released their third record in three years with 1990’s ‘Faith Hope Love’ (CD3), their first to break into the all important Billboard Hot 100. Moving from Megaforce to parent label Atlantic in 1992, the self-titled ‘King’s X’ (CD4) sported a darker and more introspective sound than before and was their last to be producer by long time collaborator Sam Taylor.

Employing producer Brendan O’Brien (Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam), King’s X switched to a heavier sound with 1994’s ‘Dogman’ (CD5). Live versions of “Shoes” and “We Were Born to Be Loved” are included as bonus tracks.

Housed in a psychedelic cover design, 1996’s ‘Ear Candy’ (CD6), produced with Arnold Lanni, was King’s X’s sixth album and final record for Atlantic before switching to Metal Blade records.

Detailný popis:

Track Listing:

1 In The New Age
2 Goldilox
3 Power Of Love
4 Wonder
5 Sometimes
6 King
7 What Is This?
8 Far, Far Away
9 Shot Of Love
10 Visions

1 Out Of the Silent Planet
2 Over My Head
3 Summerland
4 Everybody Knows a Little Bit of Something
5 The Difference (In the Garden of St. Anne’s-On-The- Hill)
6 I’ll Never Be the Same
7 Mission
8 Fall On Me
9 Pleiades
10 Don’t Believe It (It’s Easier Said Than Done)
11 Send A Message
12 The Burning Down
Bonus Track
13 Shot Of Love (Acoustic Version)

1 We Are Finding Who We Are
2 It’s Love
3 I’ll Never Get Tired of You
4 Fine Art of Friendship
5 Mr Wilson
6 Moanjam
7 Six Broken Soldiers
8 I Can’t Help It
9 Talk To You
10 Everywhere I Go
11 We Were Born to Be Loved
12 Faith Hope Love
13 Legal Kill
Bonus Track
14 Six Broken Soldiers (Extended Version)

KING’S X (1992)
1 The World Around Me
2 Prisoner
3 The Big Picture
4 Lost In Germany
5 Chariot Song
6 Ooh Song
7 Not Just for The Dead
8 What I Know About Love
9 Black Flag
10 Dream In My Life
11 Silent Wind
Bonus track
12 Dream In My Life (Edit)

DOGMAN (1994)
1 Dogman
2 Shoes
3 Pretend
4 Flies And Blue Skies
5 Black The Sky
6 Fool You
7 Don’t Care
8 Sunshine Rain
9 Complain
10 Human Behavior
11 Cigarettes
12 Go To Hell
13 Pillow
14 Manic Depression
Bonus Tracks
15 Shoes (Live)
16 We Were Born to Be Loved (Live)


EAR CANDY (1995)
1 The Train
2 (Thinking And Wondering) What I’m Gonna Do
3 Sometime
4 A Box
5 Looking For Love
6 Mississippi Moon
7 67
8 Lies In the Sand (The Ballad Of…)
9 Run
10 Fathers
11 American Cheese (Jerry’s Piano)
12 Picture
13 Life Going By
Bonus Tracks
14 Freedom (B-Side)

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