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IGGY AND THE STOOGES Born In a Trailer - Session & Rehearsal Tapes 72-'73

Punk Rock
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• Extensive 4CD set documenting the final years of The Stooges. A companion set to 2020’s well-received ‘You Think Your Bad, Man?’. • Featuring studio sessions and rehearsal recordings made in London, New York, Detroit, L.A. and Michigan as the band prepared to record and tour their ‘Raw Power’ masterpiece. • Includes seminal Stooges classics – ‘Search And Destroy’, ‘Raw Power’, ‘Gimme Danger’ – alongside countless lesser known tracks and material which was never recorded professionally. • Sleevenotes from Iggy aficionado, the legendary Kris Needs and produced in association with MainMan. • An intimate study of a band on the edge, captured as The Stooges began their final descent into rock ‘n roll immortality. Following a two year hiatus, and by fair means or foul, The Stooges reunited in 1972 for their final assault on the heart of American rock ‘n roll. ‘Born In A Trailer’ compiles legendary recordings made by the band at London’s Olympic Studios and in assorted rehearsal spaces across the US as they wrote and rehearsed for the studio dates that would result in ‘Raw Power’, and their famously intense live shows of 1973 and 1974. Filled with focussed recordings showcasing a band still determined to make it, and produced in conjunction with Tony Defries’ MainMan organisation, who famously steered the careers of Bowie, Iggy and Lou Reed during that period, ‘Born In A Trailer’ is a must-hear document of one of the great bands of the age accelerating into the final lap of a career which inspired a new generation of anti-establishment rock ‘n rollers in the years immediately following their demise.

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Iggy and the Stooges
Born In a Trailer - Session & Rehearsal Tapes 72-'73

- 1 -
1. I Got a Right (No Gtr Solo)
2. I Got a Right (Take 2 False Start)
3. I Got a Right
4. Gimme Some Skin (Instrumental)
5. Gimme Some Skin
6. I Got a Right (Instrumental)
7. I Got a Right (Gtr Solo)
8. I Got a Right (Retake 2 Instrumental)
9. Louie Louie
10. I Got a Right (Slow)
11. I Got a Right (False Starts)
12. I Got a Right (No Leslie, No Solo)
13. Money
14. I Got a Right (False Starts)
15. I Got a Right (Different Lyrics)
16. I Got a Right (Incl. Solo)
17. I Got a Right (Different Drums)
18. I'm Sick of You
19. Tight Pants
20. Scene of the Crime

- 2 -
1. Raw Power (Take 1)
2. Raw Power (Take 2)
3. Head On (Take 1)
4. Head On (Take 2)
5. I Need Somebody/Sweet Child/I Like the Way You Walk
6. Search and Destroy
7. Can't Turn You Loose
8. I Need Somebody (Version 2)
9. Head On (Version 3)
10. Gimme Danger

- 3 -
1. Raw Power
2. Head On
3. Wild Love
4. Till the End of the Night
5. Cock In My Pocket
6. Gimme Danger
7. Death Trip
8. Search and Destroy
9. How It Hurts (Rubber Legs)
10. Johanna
11. Open Up and Bleed
12. Born In a Trailer
13. Jesus Loves the Stooges
14. Untitled (Hey Baby)
15. She Creatures of the Hollywood Hills

- 4 -
1. Rubber Legs (Version 1)
2. Cock In My Pocket
3. Head On Curve
4. Johanna
5. Open Up and Bleed
6. Cry For Me / Pinpoint Eyes
7. Rubber Legs (Version 2)
8. Wild Love
9. I Come From Nowhere
10. I'm So Glad
11. Old King Live Forever
12. Look So Sweet
13. I'm a Man
14. Mellow Down Easy
15. Move Ass Baby
16. My Girl Hates My Heroin (Aka Wild Love)

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