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FIREWIND Stand United (Digipak Edition)

Hard`n Heavy
Heavy Metal
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In these turbulent times it's important to stand closely together as humanity instead of fighting each other. That's exactly what the new Firewind album "Stand United" is about! With strong lyrics and fine power metal/hard rock vibes, we are expecting the strongest masterpiece in the band's history. Combined with Masterplan, the band around ex-Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G. and vocalist Herbie Langhans (formerly Avantasia) will play a big European co-headliner tour in the spring of 2024!
The success of any metal production is almost always based on the sum of its individual parts, that have to fit together homogeneously to then ideally impress their listeners in their entirety. With Firewind, these details are easy to identify. On one hand there's the awe-inspiring guitar work of exceptional musician Gus G. and his breathtaking finger action as well as his authentic feel for catchy and at the same time powerful songs. He is supported by German singer Herbie Langhans, who has made a name for himself as a member of bands/projects such as Avantasia and SinBreed.
Gus G. and Langhans form a tight unit not only in the artistic sense, they are also colleagues who share ideas in musical as well as in organisational contexts. "Herbie has an incredibly multi-faceted voice that complements our songs perfectly. He also has a great deal of experience in this industry", says former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G., praising his frontman. "This combination makes it easier for me to develop the right songs for Firewind while keeping an eye on the business side of things."
The latest product of this fruitful collaboration bears the programmatic title "Stand United". For their eagerly waiting fans, this new era began back in February 2023 with the arrival of Firewind's lead single "Destiny Calling", which was released during a sold-out tour across Europe and the UK with Finnish rising stars Beast In Black. Some of the album's stand-out tracks are the anthemic "Salvation Day", the massive and modern sounding "Fallen Angel" and the more radio-friendly track "Chains".
Gus G. and Herbie Langhans have composed and recorded a total of nine new songs together with producer Dennis Ward (Magnum, Unisonic) as well as a cover of the 80s pop rock classic "Talking In Your Sleep", originally recorded by The Romantics but giving it a metal twist in the style of Firewind. The nine songs also bear testament to Firewind's sheer enthusiasm featuring a number of interesting themes. "I wouldn't exactly call 'Stand United' a classic concept album, but the album title indicates what we're about thematically", explains Gus G., who has also contributed with more lyric ideas on this one than any album before. "This world seems to be getting more and more out of balance, what with environmental disasters, the pandemic and the wars currently raging all over the globe. In such times, it's more important than ever for mankind to stand close together instead of fighting each other. That's what 'Stand United' is about!"
This basic idea is also reflected in the cover artwork courtesy of Costin Chioreanu (Grave, Mayhem). Gus: "I always loved the artwork of our debut album, which was based on a real hand painting. With 'Stand United' being our tenth album, I wanted an equally authentic template and that's how I came across Costin. The collage of faces on the cover represent war, greed, betrayal, but also love and unity, which are some of the album's lyrical themes. I'm just as proud of the artwork as I am of the songs on our new album!" An opinion that Firewind fans are guaranteed to share!
Source: AFM Records

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Track listing

1. Salvation Day
2. Stand United
3. Destiny Is Calling
4. The Power Lies Within
5. Come Undone
6. Fallen Angel
7. Chains
8. Land Of Chaos
9. Talking In Your Sleep
10. Days Of Grace

Herbie Langhans (v)
Gus G. (g, k)
Petros Christo (b)
Jo Nunez (d)

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