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2023 is going to be a very busy year for south German based hard rock band CZAKAN. After the re-release of the much-acclaimed Czakan debut-album ´State of Confusion´ in February 2023, which was awarded record of the month in 'Metal Star' when it was released the first time back in 1989 and sold around 25,000 copies in Germany at the time, the new record and therefore the first new release of Czakan within more than thirty years, is imminent! On April 14th the follow up ‘Unreal’ will be in stores worldwide and feature 14 red hot new songs all composed by Czakan. And for sure - like it always has been - in the original Czakan line-up from 1989. “Unreal” was produced and recorded by guitar wizard Oliver ‚OG‘ Güttinger in the band owned Greenbox-Studios and mixed by keyboard player Tom Fein, who can look back at more than 20 years’ experience as a live sound engineer and technician for bands like ‘Die Toten Hosen’. He also did a great job for several years as first engineer at Horus Sound Studio Hanover for Guano Apes & The Donuts – the studio in which Czakan recorded their famous ‚State of Confusion‘ album back in 1989. Assistant engineer at the mix for ‘Unreal‘ at Greenbox was Oliver ‚OG‘ Güttinger. OG created the complete artwork for ‚Unreal‘ as well. Even with mastering, Czakan didn’t change the winning team from ‚State of Confusion‘ and used the help of Robin Schmidt with his 24-96 Mastering Studio in Karlsruhe again. Photo shoots for ‘Unreal‘ were done by Thomas Zigann for ‚Artist and People Photography‘ exclusively. Lorenza Maluku from Curacao did a great guest job with singing backing vocals on ‚Breaking all the Rules‘. With ‚Unreal‘ Czakan were holding all the keys. You can feel this strategy in each and every song. Starting with the rocking opener ‘Free Line‘ which will be the first single and video of the album – up to the final - the potential hit ‘Show me all your Love‘ - everything sounds as all of one piece. There will be several live shows throughout this year as well. Be sure not to miss them! Czakan are back, stronger and more creative than ever. A storm is brewing. First new material in 30 years / Mastered by Rob Schmidt/ 24-96 Mastering (Foo Fighters) / For fans of: Czakan, Scorpions, Craaft, Bonfire, Frontline.

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1. Free Line
2. Getting Hungry
3. Breaking all the Rules
4. Livin' in a Nightmare
5. Get Down
6. Burns Like a Fire
7. Under the Gun
8. City Nights
9. Masquerade
10. She is a Woman
11. Winners don`t Cry
12. My Sweet Love
13. Locked in a Cage
14. Show me all your Love

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