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Mercury (Universal Music)


CASH JOHNNY Complete Mercury Albums 1986-1991 (High Quality, Limited Edition)

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In 1986, after almost 30 years on Columbia Records, Country music legend Johnny Cash released his first album on Mercury Records – Class Of ’55, in collaboration with fellow Sun Records alumni Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. Seven years later, his last recording before signing with Rick Rubin’s American Recordings would be another collaboration, “The Wanderer”, with U2. In the years that span those recordings, Johnny Cash released a total of six albums for Mercury. Despite significant focus and attention around his Columbia and American recordings, his Mercury catalogue has never been revisited… until now. UMe / Mercury Records are proud to announce that April 2020 will see the release of Johnny Cash: The Complete Mercury Studio Albums (1986-1991) – a 7CD/ 7LP boxed set featuring newly remastered audio for the very first time, using the original Mercury master tapes. Notably, the album Classic Cash: Hall Of Fame Series is presented in a 2LP format for the very first time. All the LPs are pressed on 180g vinyl for the highest quality audio fidelity and the box includes a MP3 download voucher. With brand new liner notes by music writer Scott Schinder, Johnny Cash: The Complete Mercury Studio Recordings (1986-1991) represents the very first deep dive into the Country music legend’s Mercury catalogue, and reveals its importance as the bridge between his better known catalogues on Columbia and American.

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Cash, Johnny
Complete Mercury Albums 1986-1991

- 1 -
1. Birth of Rock and Roll
2. Sixteen Candles
3. Class of 55
4. Waymore's Blues
5. We Remember the King
6. Coming Home
7. Rock and Roll (Fais-Do-Do)
8. Keep My Motor Running
9. I Will Rock and Roll With You
10. Big Train (From Memphis)
- 2 -
1. The Big Light
2. The Ballad of Barbara
3. I'd Rather Have You
4. Let Him Roll
5. The Night Hank Williams Came To Town
6. Sixteen Tons
7. Letters From Home
8. W. Lee O Daniel (and the Light Crust Dough Boys)
9. Heavy Metal (Don't Mean Rock and Roll To Me)
10. My Ship Will Sail
- 3 -
1. Ballad of a Teenage Queen
2. As Long As I Live
3. Where Did We Go Right
4. The Last of the Drifters
5. Call Me the Breeze
6. That Old Wheel
7. Sweeter Than the Flowers
8. A Croft In Clachan (the Ballad of Rob Macdunn)
9. New Moon Over Jamaica
10. Water From the Wells of Home
- 5 -
1. A Backstage Pass
2. Cat's In the Cradle
3. Farmer's Almanac
4. Don't Go Near the Water
5. Family Bible
6. Harley
7. I Love You Love You
8. Hidden Shame
9. Monteagle Mountain
10. That's One You Owe Me
- 6 -
1. The Greatest Cowboy of Them All
2. I'm an Easy Rider
3. The Mystery of Life
4. Hey Porter
5. Beans For Breakfast
6. Goin' By the Book
7. Wanted Man
8. I'll Go Somewhere and Sing My Songs Again
9. The Hobo Song
10. Angel and the Badman

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