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BYZANTIUM Halfway Dreaming - Anthology 1969-75 (Clamshell Box) - Novinka

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Evolving from the line-up that had recorded the highly-regarded Ora LP in 1969, Byzantium recorded two early Seventies albums – 'Byzantium' and 'Seasons Changing', both featuring future Ian Dury MD Chaz Jankel - for the A&M label. After leaving A&M, the band self-financed the 1974 'Live/Studio' album in an effort to attract new representation before splitting the following year. Although they received relatively little attention from the music industry at the time, Byzantium's progressive rock-based combination of musical eclecticism, strong harmonies and timeless song writing have belatedly attracted an audience, with collectors now paying significant sums to acquire original vinyl pressings of their recordings. Assembled with the help and approval of the band, Halfway Dreaming: Anthology 1969-75 is the first-ever Byzantium compilation. It includes all three albums that were released at the time, together with a further set of 1974/75-era live material, various studio out-takes and, as a considerable bonus, an extended version of the Ora album. Housed in a stylish clamshell box, this essential 5-CD package features a lavish 32-page booklet containing a new 4000 word essay on the band and numerous previously unpublished photos. It's the definitive document of a band who fell through the cracks at the time but have subsequently come to be regarded by many as an integral part of the early Seventies British underground scene.

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Halfway Dreaming - Anthology 1969-75

- 1 -
1. Seashore
2. About You
3. Deborah
4. Whitch
5. Venetia Ii
6. You
7. Fly
8. Ladyfriend
9. Are You Seeing
10. Emma's Saga
11. The Morning After the Night Before
12. The Seagull and the Sailor
13. Ooh
14. What is Happening
15. I Love You
16. Deborah (Alt. Version)
17. I Am a Stranger To My Life
18. Fly (Alt. Version)
19. It Was an Easy Legend
20. Seashore (Alt. Version)
21. No More Love
22. Pomme

- 2 -
1. What is Happening
2. I Am a Stranger To My Life
3. Come Fair One
4. Baby I Hear You Calling Me
5. Trade Wind
6. Into the Country
7. Lady Friend
8. Why or Maybe It's Because
9. Morning Love
10. This Time I Won't Let You Go
11. Thank God

- 3 -
1. What a Coincidence
2. My Season's Changing With the Sun
3. Show Me the Way
4. Ll Always Be Our Friend
5. October Andy
6. Something You Said: a Trilogy

- 4 -
1. Flashing Silver Hope
2. Cowboy Song
3. Feel It
4. Ll Just Take My Time
5. Surely Peace Will Come To Those Who Try
6. If You Wanna Be My Girl
7. Oh Darling
8. Move With My Time
9. Alright Now
10. It Could Be Better
11. You Made Me Stand Up Straighter
12. D Still Love To Have You Around

- 5 -
1. Gypsy Man
2. Every Day's the Same
3. High Time
4. October Andy
5. Halfway There
6. It Could Be Better
7. Small World
8. Flashing Silver Hope
9. This Time Around
10. A Day Like This

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