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BONNET GRAHAM Solo Albums 1974-1992 - Novinka

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A 6CD Box Set collecting together all of Graham Bonnet’s solo albums from 1974 to 1992. Although the Skegness born Graham Bonnet is probably best known for the melodic hard rock he fronted in the 1980s with Ritchie’s Blackmore Rainbow, The Michael Schenker Group, and his own band, Alcatrazz, his musical odyssey started with the duo The Marbles in 1968. Despite top ten success, Graham’s undeniable talents languished in relative obscurity until he appeared as frontman with the fictitious band Billy Beethoven in the 1975 cinematic romp, “Three Of A Kind”, co-starring his then wife, Adrienne Posta. This largely forgotten piece of cinematic history did lead to Graham recording what was meant to be his debut solo outing for DJM Records.

Detailný popis:

Bonnet, Graham
Solo Albums 1974-1992

- 1 -
1. Here Comes the Rain
2. What's This 'Ere Then
3. Private Eye
4. Ghost Writer In My Eye
5. Saturday's Over
6. Back Row In the Stalls
7. She May Be Not Much To Look At (But She's Certainly Got a He
8. Ade's Song
9. Mamma Mine
10. Relaxae
11. She May Be Not Much To Look At (But She's Certainly Got a He
12. Don't Drink the Water
13. Dreams (Out In the Forest)
14. We're Free
15. Whisper In the Night (Single A-Side, 1972)
16. Rare Specimen (Single B-Side, 1972)
17. Trying To Say Goodbye (Single A-Side, 1973)
18. Castles In the Air (Single B-Side, 1973)
19. Dog Song - Adrienne Posta
20. Express Yourself - Adrienne Posta
21. Message To Trevor

- 2 -
1. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
2. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
3. Tired of Being Alone
4. Wino Song
5. It Ain't Easy
6. Goodnight and Goodmorning
7. Danny
8. Sunday 16
9. Rock Island Line
10. Soul Seeker
11. Do What You Gotta Do (Demo)
12. Goodnight and Goodmorning (Single Edit)
13. I Who Am I (1977) - Graham Bonnet & Vicky Silva
14. The Loving Touch (1976) - Graham Bonnet & Vicky Silva
15. Heroes On My Picture Wall (Single B-Side, 1977)
16. It Ain't Easy (Demo)
17. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (Demo)

- 3 -
1. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
2. Won't You Join Me
3. Warm Ride
4. Is There a Way To Sing the Blues
5. Can't Complain
6. Givin' Up My Worryin'
7. Pyramid
8. Only You Can Lift Me
9. Stand Still Stella
10. High School Angel
11. Cold Lady
12. 10/12 Observation (Single B-Side of 'Warm Ride')
13. Only You Can Lift Me (Single Edit)
14. Warm Ride (12" Long Disco Version)
15. Warm Ride (12" Long Version)

- 4 -
1. Night Games
2. S.O.S
3. I'm a Lover
4. Be My Baby
5. That's the Way That It is
6. Liar
7. Anthony Boy
8. Dirty Hand
9. Out On the Water
10. Don't Stand In the Open
11. Set Me Free
12. Don't Tell Me To Go (B-Side)
13. Bad Days Are Gone (B-Side)
14. Night Games (Single Edit)
15. Out On the Water (Single Edit)

- 5 -
1. Something About You
2. Here Comes the Night
3. Long Time Gone
4. Only One Woman
5. Please Call Me
6. A Change is Gonna Come
7. I'll Go Crazy
8. I Go To Sleep
9. Look Don't Touch
10. Eyes of a Child
11. Don't
12. What She Says, You Hear It Means
13. Gone In a Minute (Instrumental Demo)
14. A Hole In My Soul (Instrumental Demo)
15. Please Call Me (Instrumental Demo)
16. Greenwich Meantime (Instrumental Demo)

- 6 -
1. Tonite I Fly (1987)
2. Reel To Real (1987)
3. The Dancer (1987)
4. Whiplash (1989)
5. Long Time Gone (1989)
6. Summer In the City (1989)
7. River Deep - Mountain High (1989)
8. Midnight Crossing (1989)
9. Rider (1989)
10. Double Cross My Heart (1992)
11. Hearts Under Fire (1992)
12. You Are Your Money
13. Dead Man Walking
14. Glass Mountain
15. Red Rum
16. My Kingdom Come
17. Mirror Lies
18. Unleash the Beast
19. Hippie Heart, Gypsy Soul

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