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BLUETONES Superior Quality Recordings / 1994-2002 (Limited Special Edition)

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Hailing from Heston in West London, The Bluetones (Scott Morriss bass, Eds Chesters drums, Adam Devlin guitars, and Mark Morriss vocals) arrived on the scene in 1995 with their debut single “Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?”. This first ever comprehensive box set of The Bluetones’ first period of recordings from 1994 to 2002 contains 93 tracks across six CDs. It includes the first three albums ––“Expecting To Fly” (1996), Return To The Last Chance Saloon” ( and “Science And Nature”(2000) plus the collection of pre fame demos “The Early Garage Years”, forty five non album A and B sides and rarities , along with three previously unreleased demos (mastered for this compilation by Nigel Clark of The six CDs are presented in facsimile wallets , and the booklet features all the credits , along with memorabilia and ephemera from the band members’ own collections .

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Superior Quality Recordings

- 1 -
1. Talking To Clarry
2. Bluetonic
3. Cut Some Rug
4. Things Change
5. The Fountainhead
6. Carntbe Trusted
7. Slight Return
8. Putting Out Fires
9. Vampire
10. A Parting Gesture
11. Time & Again

- 2 -
1. Are You Blue or Are You Blind?
2. String Along
3. Driftwood
4. Colorado Beetle
5. Glad To See Y'backagain
6. Don't Stand Me Down
7. Nae Hair On't
8. Castle Rock
9. The Devil Behind My Smile
10. Marblehead Johnson
11. The Simple Things
12. Nifkin'sbridge
13. Time & Again [4-Track Demo]
14. Cut Some Rug [4-Track Demo]
15. Putting Out Fires [4-Track Demo]

- 3 -
1. Are You Blue or Are You Blind? [Demo]
2. Talking To Clarry [Demo]
3. Carntbe Trusted [Demo]
4. Slight Return [Limited Edition Uk/Japan 7" Single]
5. No. 11 (Bluetonic) [From the Fierce Panda "Return To Splend
6. The Fountainhead [Demo]
7. Time & Again [Demo]
8. Cut Some Rug [Homemade 4-Track Recording]
9. Talking To Clarry [Homemade 8-Track Recording]
10. Are You Blue or Are You Blind? [Homemade 8-Track Recording]

- 4 -
1. Tone Blooze
2. Unpainted Arizona
3. Solomon Bites the Worm
4. U.T.A.
5. 4-Day Weekend
6. Sleazy Bed Track
7. If...
8. The Jub-Jubbird
9. Sky Will Fall
10. Ames
11. Down At the Reservoir
12. Heard You Were Dead
13. Broken Starr
14. I Was a Teenage Jesus
15. I Walked All Night
16. Blue Shadows
17. The Watchman
18. The Ballad of Muldoon
19. Blue
20. Mr. Soul
21. Pretty Ballerina
22. Woman Done Gone Left Me

- 5 -
1. Zorrro
2. The Last of the Great Navigators
3. Tiger Lily
4. Mudslide
5. One Speed Gearbox
6. Blood Bubble
7. Autophilia or "How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love My C
8. Keep the Home Fires Burning
9. The Basement Song
10. Slack Jaw
11. Emily's Pine

- 6 -
1. Armageddon (Outtahere)
2. The Favourite Son
3. Be Careful What You Dream
4. Please Stop Talking
5. Keep the Home Fires Burning [Radio Version]
6. Thought You'd Be Taller
7. It's a Boy
8. Soup Du Jour
9. Vostok of Love
10. Mudslide [Radio Edit]
11. Keep the Home Fires Burning [Us Version]
12. Zero Tolerance
13. Fockda Brain-Hole
14. Mudslide [Shandy Weather Version]
15. After Hours
16. Groovy Roussos
17. Sail On Sailor
18. Reverse Cow Girl
19. Woman In Love
20. Ingimarsson
21. Freeze Dried Pop (Dumb It Up)
22. Persuasion
23. The Bluetones Big Score
24. That's Life

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