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When you have a solo release from a known artist, you must understand that it bears three clear possibilities: to be an extension of his band, a set of different musical ideas that don’t fit in his/hers band, or something between these two ways. So, as we are speaking of “Evil Deluxe”, the first solo album from the Swedish singer NILS PATRICK JOHANSSON, there’s a need to go into a deeper explanation. We can say that “Evil Deluxe” bears some elements that are known from his works on ASTRAL DOORS, LION’S SHARE, WUTHERING HEIGHTS and CIVIL WAR, and that it’s a traditional Heavy Metal album with some Hard Rock/Classic Rock touches. Of course this formula was used many times on the past, but the way things are done on the album are really lovely, with fine melodies and extremely hooking instrumental parts. And the different vocal tunes of Nils fits perfectly on what the songs are up to. The sound quality of the album was built to be heavy and clean at the same time. Although we could expect something that would put the vocals on a privileged position, we can hear that this isn’t the case: everything is in its due place, sounding with excellent tunes, and heavy as you would ask for. A great production was done, indeed. About the songs, we can say that there’s a fine balance between melodies, musical weight and aggressiveness on all of them. And there’s the presence on many invited musicians to make things even more tasteful. “Evil Deluxe” and its thunderous work on bass guitar and drums; the charming melodies of “Estonia” (excellent guitars riffs and keyboards), “Gasoline” (this one mix some musical elements from Power Metal with the traditional Heavy Metal stamina), “How the West was Won” (a song filled with very good tempo changes, and a charming chorus) and “Kings and Queens” (fine and hooking slower tempos); the brutal melodic grasp of the heavy “Metalhead” (this one presents GRAVE DIGGER’s Chris Boltendhal on some vocals), and “Dark Evolution” with its charming harmonies can be named as the album’s greatest moments, besides it is really excellent entirely.

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1. Baal
2. Evil Deluxe
3. Estonia
4. Gasoline
5. How the West was Won
6. September Black
7. Kings and Queens
8. Burning
9. Metalhead
10. Circle in the Sky
11. Dark Evolution
12. A Waltz for Paris


Nils Patrik Johansson - Vocals
Lars Chriss - Guitars
Andy Loos - Bass
Nils Fredrik Johansson - Drums
Markus Bengts - Bass on “Circle in the Sky” and “Dark Evolution”
Fredrik Bergh - Keyboards on “Evil Deluxe, “Estonia”, “Burning” and “Circle in the Sky”
Kay Backlund - Keyboards on “How the West was Won”, “September Black”, “Dark Evolution” and “A Waltz for Paris”
Anuviel - Keyboards on “How the West was Won”, “September Black”, “Kings and Queens” and “Metalhead”
Chris Boltendahl - Additional vocals on “Metalhead

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